Setting up Schoology Gradebook to Sync with PowerTeacher Pro

Follow this order to set up your Gradebook correctly.

  1. Set Up PowerTeacher Pro
  2. Set Up Schoology Categories
  3. Map the Categories together
  4. Sync Gradebooks


PowerTeacher Pro Set-Up

  1. Open Schoology
  2. Select the App Switcher and then PowerTeacher Pro
  3. Select Grading
  4. Select Categories
  5. Add, Remove, or Create Categories you would like to use.


If you would like to have your gradebook calculate final standard grades please follow the directions in this link


Creating Matching Categories in Schoology

  1. Log in to Schoology.
  2. Select Courses and select the course from the list.
  3. Click Grade Setup.
  4. In the Categories area, select +Add to add a new grading category. Create and configure the categories to match your PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.
  5. In the Calculated by menu, select Total Pts.
  6. Select Create.


Mapping Your Gradebook Categories

  1. Click the PowerSchool app on the left side of your course and click Configuration.
  2. Check the Customize grade category mapping box to display the category mapping table.
  3. In the Schoology Course Categories column on the left, choose the correct Schoology Category that you want to map to the equivalent PowerTeacher Pro Category in the right column.
  4. Click Add next to the drop-down menu and then click Save Changes to add the new mapping.


  • If your sections are linked, you must toggle to the next section in the Configuration tab and map PowerSchool categories to the Schoology categories.
  • Supported custom categories are only those associated with the Lead Teacher in the PowerSchool section.


Configuration Notes:

  • If you've linked your sections in Schoology, you must configure the PowerTeacher Pro app in each of the sections. To do this, open the app from the left menu of the course profile. Once you have configured the first section, click Save, and then click the Section dropdown menu to toggle into a different section and continue configuration.
  • Depending on the settings in place for the PowerTeacher Pro app, only Course Admins (instructors) may be able to launch the app from the course. System Admins cannot configure the app or sync graded items on behalf of the instructor.
  • In order to sync items with PowerTeacher Pro, the corresponding category must be mapped in the Configuration area.

Overall Grade Notes:
If you'd like the overall grade in Schoology to match the overall grade in PowerSchool, make sure you configure the following:

  • The same number of categories in Schoology as in PowerSchool.
  • The same weighted categories in Schoology as in PowerSchool.
  • The Calculated by setting of grading categories set to Total pts.
  • The factor for all assignments set to 1.
  • For other considerations when matching PowerSchool grades to Schoology grades, you can refer to this Grade Passback Discrepancy Checklist.


How do I sync grades to the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook?

Once the configuration settings are saved, you can sync grades directly from the Schoology gradebook or from the PowerSchool Teacher app.

Click the sync button in the Schoology gradebook to sync changes to Powerschool:



What information transfers from Schoology to PowerSchool?

You can view the status of graded items and grades from the Sync Grades area in the PowerSchool Teacher app or from the View sync status log in the Schoology gradebook:


The Assignment column on the left displays the title of the graded item. The columns in the middle display the timestamp of the Last Successful Sync and the Status of the sync. If there has been an error in the sync, a red message icon appears under Action. Hover over the icon to display a message that details the error. To re-sync an item, click the sync icon.

The following information is sent to PowerSchool:

  • The name of the graded item.
  • The max number of points for the graded item.
  • The due date for the graded item.
  • The grading category mapped by the teacher in the Configuration area of the app.
  • The raw score a student received on the graded item.
  • Whether the grade item has a status of Published or Unpublished.

Note: If you are using PowerTeacher Pro in linked sections and you are planning to sync grade items yourself, you will need to do so from the one-click sync button in each of the sections' Schoology gradebooks.



How do I sync standards to the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook?

Schoology and PowerSchool SIS have created a standards-basing grading solution that gives organizations using District Mastery the ability to provision standards directly from the SIS to Schoology and pass standards grades back to the SIS.

The Standards Grade Passback solution enables instructors to:

  • Pass back scores on standards aligned to an assignment from Schoology to PowerSchool SIS.
  • Use grade scales associated with any learning objectives from PowerSchool SIS.

    Note: Point scales are currently supported only. Percentage scales (Alpha Scales) will be supported as soon as possible.

You can sync standards as you typically would in the gradebook. Learning objectives aligned to assignments will be synced to the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook, along with the Traditional Grade (overall assignment score).

Only standards that are associated with your section in the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook can be synced. If you align an objective that is not available in your PowerTeacher Pro gradebook, it will not sync successfully. If you’re unsure, check the available standards directly in your PowerTeacher Pro gradebook.

To check the status, click View sync status log in the Schoology gradebook or open the PowerSchool app in the left menu of your course:


Under Sync Grades, click the chevron next to the assignment title to expand and display the learning objectives. A green checkmark indicates the standard has synced. A red message icon appears if there has been an error in the sync. Hover over the icon to display a message that details the error. To re-sync an item, click the Sync icon under Action.


FAQs and Known Limitations

  • The integration does not currently allow mapping of attendance.
  • The integration does not support percentage-based calculations. All scores in PowerTeacher Pro calculate as Total Points. Please keep this in mind when configuring category weights in Schoology.
  • If an item is ungraded in Schoology, the item will not sync with PowerSchool.
  • Error messages: In general, the best practice is to attempt a re-sync event if the status of the sync is Error. Teachers can re-sync individual assignments as desired from the red notification icon in the Schoology Gradebook:


  • If you need to delete an assignment, do it in PowerTeacher and then sync. If you delete it in  Schoology, the sync will not work as expected.
  • Time to Sync: With the sync in the gradebook a sync can typically take up to several hours.


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