Gradebook Periods

One of the questions that teachers have asked is ‘Can we have our Schoology gradebook default to the current period?’ The answer to that question is yes!  

To make this possible, we need to update the current grading periods in Schoology to reflect the periods below and we will disable the formerly available q1, Q2, and 2021/2022 Don’t Use grading periods: 

Teachers who aligned assignments to the previously identified grading periods of q1, Q2, or 2021/2022 Don’t Use will need to move their assignments to the current Quarter 1 (8/30/21 – 11/03/21) or Quarter 2 (11/04/21 – 1/24/22) grading periods.  

Note: This will only need to be done once and only in the Schoology gradebook setup.  Assignment grades will automatically go to the correct location in PowerTeacher Pro for Progress Reports, Mid-Terms, and Finals based on the due date of the assignment.  

Going forward, any assignments created will automatically default to the current grading period. 

Before you get started, a couple of points to be aware of:

  • Mid-Terms and Finals are always the final date of the term.
  • You can use the Bulk Edit feature (See steps below) to move your assignments formerly aligned with q1, Q2 or 2021/2022 Don’t Use to the correct grading period of Quarter 1 (8/30/21 – 11/03/21) or Quarter 2 (11/04/21 – 1/24/22).

How to Move Assignments to the Current Grading Period

  1. Go to one of your courses.
  2. Select Gradebook and follow the directions for Bulk Editing Assignments.
    1. How to Bulk Edit – Grouping Student Work by Marking Period
  1. When you move the assignments choose the Grading Periods that are displayed below. You should see either Elementary or Secondary depending on what grade you teach.
    1. You may see two options for Quarter 2, the correct selection is Quarter 2 (11/04/21-1/24/22).


Note: The above steps will only need to be done if you aligned assignments to the former q1, Q2, or the 2021/2022 Don’t Use grading periods in Schoology.  For the remainder of Quarter 2 and when the district is in Quarters 3 and 4 later this year, the assignments will default to the correct marking period automatically.

  1. Repeat these steps for all courses.

Grade Period Weighting

There has also been some confusion on Grade Period Weighting. If you use X2 to calculate the final overall grade, follow this example below. Otherwise, your grading periods will default to each quarter being set at 25% of the overall grade. If you have periods that you are not using, they need to be set to zero.

If you use X2, you will need to set the weighting for their grade period like the example below:

  • Secondary School Grading Period to 90
  • X1 to 0
  • X2 to 10


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