SecureW2 Wi-Fi: How to add your personal device to the district's Wi-Fi network using SecureW2

How to add your personal device to the district's Wi-Fi network using SecureW2


Log into your iOS or Android device

For Android device instructions, click here. For iOS device instructions, click here.


Log into your Windows 10 device


In order to connect your Windows 10 device you will need to be connected to the SPS-WIFI network or connected to the SPS network via Ethernet cable!


Log into your Windows 10 device.

Next, confirm your connection to a WIFI network or plug your device directly into a network using an Ethernet cable (pictured).


Launch your Preferred Browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.)

Launch your preferred browser.

Within the address bar, type in the following URL and press Enter:


Download SecureW2 and Configure your Windows 10 Device

After the SecureW2 website loads, confirm Windows 10 is selected within the Select your device dropdown menu.

Once Windows 10 is confirmed, click the Join Now button to continue.

The SecureW2 website will now download an application to your Windows 10 device.

Launch the program WiFi_Springfield_Public_Schools_Wrapper.exe from within your browser OR open your Windows 10 Downloads folder and launch the program.

Within the SecureW2 program, click the Next button to proceed.

Next, sign in using your SPS credentials.

After successfully signing in, SecureW2 will begin to configure your Windows 10 device.


Click the Done button to complete the configuration process.

All set!

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