How to Message Students in Schoology


This article aims to assist you in communicating with students using Schoology's messaging feature.


Option 1- Using the Top View

The top menu provides a quick and easy way to access your messages from anywhere within Schoology. When a new message arrives in your inbox, a yellow number displays until you open the new message. 

To send a message from the top menu: 

1. Click the envelope icon in the top menu 

2. Click New Message

3. Enter the recipient's name in the To field. A list of users automatically populates as you type. 

4. Select the user from the list. 

5. Enter a subject and message 

6. Click Send to complete. 


Option 2: Through Course Members

You can also send a message directly from within your course. By choosing this option, you will also be able to send a message to a parent as well (provided that the parent has signed up for a parent account). 

To send a message from a course. 

1. Select the course the student is enrolled in 

2. Click Members 

3. Click on the gear icon 

4. Select either Send Message or Message Parent 

5. Enter a subject and message 

6. Click Send to complete


Send a Message to All Members of a Course or Group 

Course and Group messages allow admins to send a Schoology message to all members of the course or group. To send a course or group message:

1. Click the course or group that you administer 

2. Click Course [or Group] Options in the left-hand menu 

3. Click Send Message 

4. Enter a subject and message 

5. Click Send to complete


Receiving a Message and Sending a Response 

1. When you have received a message the envelope icon in the top menu will have a number appear 

2. Click on the envelope icon 

3. Click a message to open and view its contents 

4. Enter a response 

5. Click Send to complete 



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