Grade Calculations in Schoology


A document on how grades are calculated in Schoology.


How are grades calculated and rounded in the Schoology gradebook?

Grades displayed in the gradebook for each material or item are rounded to the hundredth place. The Overall grade and grading period grades in Schoology are all calculated in the gradebook using unrounded grade values.

How are the grading categories scored?

Depending on how you have set up the grading categories, the items in each category are calculated by total points or percentage. 

How is the Overall grade or grading period grade calculated?

When calculating that grading category grade into the Overall grade or grading period grade, Schoology uses the unrounded value.


For example, if a student scores 12 points out of 13 possible points in the Homework category, and 15 out of 17 possible points in the Quizzes category, then they will see 92.31% for the Homework category and 88.24% for their Test/Quiz category. However when calculating the grading period grade, 92.31 and 88.24 will not be the values used, rather the unrounded values of 12/13 and 15/17 will be used in calculating that grading period grade.

Looking at the above example in more detail we can calculate the Overall grade/grading period grade using the following grade setup:

Homework category

  • Weight 50%
  • Calculated by Total Points
  • Assignment 1: 12/13 
  • Assignment 2: 11/13
  • Category grade: (12 + 11) / 26 total points possible * 100 = 88.46

Quizzes category

  • Weight 50%
  • Calculated by Total Points
  • Quiz 1: 15/17 
  • Category grade: 15 / 17 total points possible * 100 = 88.24

Overall grade/grading period grade

  • Homework grading category unrounded value:
    88.46153846% at 50% weight
  • Quizzes grading category unrounded value:
    88.23529412% at 50% weight

The following formula is then used to calculate the grading period grade/overall grade:

(50 * 88.46153846 + 50 * 88.23529412) / (50+50) = 8834.841629 / 100 = 88.35

What is the difference between a grading category calculated by Total Pts and a grading category calculated by Percent?

Create new grading categories in the Grade Setup area of your Schoology Course. Grading categories allow graded items to be placed in a course Gradebook. 


You can adjust grading categories to calculate by Total Pts (this is the default setting) as well as by Percent. These options can vary the outcomes of a student's overall grade in the course.

For example, if the grading category calculates by total points:

  •  If a student scores 6/6 on an item,
  •  And also scores 60/100 on an item,
  • Total, the student has an average of total points (66/106=62%).

If the grading category calculates by percent:

  • The students scores 6/6 on the first item, and so receives a 100% 
  • If a student scores 60/100 on an item, the grade for the item is 60%.
  • Total, the student has an average of the percentages, regardless of the total maximum points for each item (80%)



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