How to Use the Comment Bank in PowerTeacher Pro

Use comments to record specific details about student performance when entering assignment scores or final grades. Add comments manually or choose comments from the Comment Bank. If a comment was entered by a different teacher, the teacher's name is appended to their comment.

Caution: Do not use emojis when entering comments. The Transfer Student Record process fails if invalid characters, such as emojis, are present in the teacher comments from the district from which the student transferred.

Manually Enter Comments 

  1. Select the text field within the Score Inspector. Alternatively, you can click the Comment icon, then select the larger text field.

  2. Enter comment text. 

Comment Bank

  1. Click the Score Inspector Comment icon.

  2. Click Show Comment Bank.

  3. Click the gear icon, then choose either the district comment bank or your comment bank. You can also choose if you want comments separated by a line break or space. Click Manage Options to open the Comment Bank page.
  4. Use the Filter to limit comments that display in the Comment Bank.
  5. Optionally, click a star icon to flag a comment as a favorite. You can then sort to display your favorite comments first.
  6. Optionally, click the plus sign icon ( + ) to add comments to a score. 
  7. To read a comment, click the Comment icon in a score cell.
  8. To delete a comment, click Clear Comment 

You can use smart text to insert specific student information automatically. For example, if you enter a comment for one student that says, "Richard completed all assignment tasks," and then added the comment for other students, each student's name is personalized in their comments.

Note: Review the applied smart text for accuracy and make any needed changes before proceeding.

When you use the Fill functions to fill comments with smart text, the Names and Pronouns dialog allows you to confirm whether you want to apply smart text or use the original text. Click the smart text link on the dialog to display the available smart text codes.


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