How to Use Zoom on your Windows Device

How to Use Zoom on your Windows 10 Device


Sign into Zoom Video Conferencing

Launch a browser window.

Using the address bar, proceed to

Once the Zoom website launches, click the blue Sign In button at the top of the browser window.


You will only be able to JOIN meetings with your Zoom account!


Join a Meeting with your Zoom Account

After signing in, click the JOIN A MEETING link at the top of the Zoom homepage OR from the top of the Profile page.

Next, to join a meeting, enter in the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.

Click the blue Join button to proceed!


Join a Meeting (Option #1): Download and Run Zoom

If you wish to download the Zoom application to your SPS issued laptop, you can do so through the Company Portal application, which is found in the start menu.

Select the following link for instructions on using Company Portal to install applications.

Once installed, a Zoom icon will be added to your desktop; double-click the Zoom icon to launch the application. (Zoom can also be found in the Start Menu.)

Once Zoom is launched, click the SSO option...







...then, if not already displayed, enter springfieldpublicschools (NO .com) and select Continue.

    A browser window will open to display the Zoom website.      Select Launch Zoom.

Once signed in, you'll have access to New Meeting, Join Meeting, Schedule Meeting and Share Screen options.


Join a Meeting (Option #2): Join from your Browser

If you cannot download or run the application, click the join from your browser link at the bottom of the dialog window.

Next, within the Please enter your name to join the meeting dialog window, enter in your name to display within the meeting space.

Click the blue Join button to proceed.

You will now join the meeting!

Next, you'll be presented with a Video Preview dialog window and other options.

If your device is equipped with a camera, you will see the video feed within the black area on the Video Preview dialog window.

You can de-select the Always show video preview dialog when joining a video meeting option if you wish to skip this Video Preview dialog window the next time you join a meeting!

At the very bottom of the Video Preview dialog window, you have the option to join a meeting with video or without.

Select either Join with Video or Join without Video to continue to the meeting; your Zoom meeting window will now launch.


Zoom Meeting Space Features:

Join Audio Button

At the bottom of the Zoom meeting space, the Join Audio button gives you two options to hear audio within the meeting space: either via phone call or computer audio.

The Phone Call option will provide you with a telephone number to dial, along with a meeting ID.

The Computer Audio option will provide you with the ability to connect to the meeting while communication with your device's microphone and speakers.

Be aware, if your computer speakers are disabled, or another audio problem exists, you will receive the message Failed to detect your speaker. Please make sure your speaker is properly connected.

The Zoom application will also give you tools to test your speaker and microphone


Zoom Meeting Space Features:

Start & Stop Video Button

The Stop Video option will disable your video feed.

The Start Video button will enable your video feed.

If your device does not have a camera, the screen will be black.


Zoom Meeting Space Features:

Invite (Participants) & Participants Buttons

The Invite button will allow you to invite others to the meeting while the Participants button will allow you to view the current members of the meeting.


Zoom Meeting Space Features:

Share Button

The Share button will allow you to share your screen with participants of the meeting.


Zoom Meeting Features:

Chat Button

The Chat button will allow you to chat via text with other participants.

You can send messages to everyone or just with specific participants. 

You can also send files via the Chat button.


Zoom Meeting Features:

Record Button

The Record button will allow you to record the meeting, however, you must get permission from the meeting host to enable the option.


Zoom Meeting Features:

Leave Meeting Button

When you're done with the meeting, click the Leave Meeting button.

At the Leave meeting dialog window, click the blue Leave Meeting button; the meeting window will close!

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