How to add an Image Link in a Schoology Course

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These instructions on how to take an image and make it a clickable link for students. Adding an image link can be done on a content page. 

1. Click on the Insert Content icon  

2. Select Image/Media from the options 

3. Click Attach File then select file from your computer (note: once the image has been added to that page that it may need to be resized) 

4. Click on the browser tab that contains the link that students will be accessing

5. Highlight the URL, then right click to copy the link (or use the shortcut ctrl+C to copy link). Return to the Schoology tab 

6. Click on the image has been added to the page, the image will turn blue

7. Click on the link icon 

8. An Insert/Edit Link box will appear, paste the copied URL by right clicking and selecting paste (or CTRL+V) 

9. Click on the blue Insert button the image now has the associated clickable link 

10. Label the image by typing above, below, or next to the image (optional) 

11. Continue filling in any additional material onto the page. 

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