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This folder contains information on Portfolios within Schoology.

Schoology Linked Sections

Important Information:

Linked sections cannot be imported into Schoology, sections can only be linked after being created/populated in Schoology.

Schoology strongly advises against linking or unlinking sections once school has started, as it results in loss of grade data for child sections.

If you need to unlink your linked sections at any point during the school year, be aware that if you separate two linked sections, only the master section retains the materials, setup, grades, and data. Scroll down to Unlinking Sections for additional information.

When you unlink sections, you will lose student data that can not be recovered.

Elementary Experience

All documentation for using the Elementary Experience

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How to Change a Section Name within a Course

This article explains how a teacher can change the name of a section in Schoology. Please note teachers can only change section names--they cannot change the name of a course.

How to Create an Event in Schoology

Events can be created in various areas of Schoology (e.g. home page, course profile, group profile). You can only create events in a course or group if you are the administrator for the course or group.

How to Take Attendance Through Schoology

How to Take Attendance Through Schoology

Pairing Study Sync Classes with Schoology

This article reviews how to set up the connection between your courses in Schoology and Study Sync, the McGraw Hill curriculum platform.

PowerSchool App Switcher

PowerSchool provides an application icon that allows faculty to easily navigate from one PowerSchool product to another.