Savvas EasyBridge: Realize & MyPerspectives

Teacher Access:

From the Applications menu on MySPS, locate the icon for Savvas EasyBridge in the Instructional section of applications.
Note: Applications are grouped in alphabetical order

MySPS - Savvas EasyBridge Icon

You will be redirected to Savvas EasyBridge website. Your schedule will be listed under "Current Classes"
Note: Prior to the first day of school, check the “Future Classes” tab

Savvas Easy Bridge Page


Student Access:

Students should visit the Students Application Page on MySPS; or the Student Links Page at Savvas EasyBridge will be in their list of school approved applications and resources.


Troubleshooting Note:

If you still don’t see your classes, and you are scheduled in PowerSchool, please Clear your cache, close your browser, reopen the browser, and try again

To Clear your Cache in Edge:

          1. Click the three dots in the top right corner

          2. Click into “History”

          3. Click “Clear browsing data”

          4. Then select all of the check boxes and click “Clear now”


Contact Customer Care

Support is available at:  Contact Savvas Support  or by eMail web form

or by calling 800-848-9500 from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST.

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