March Graduate Reporting

To Identify Student as a Graduate or Certificate of Attainment (CA)

  • Search for the student you wish to update
  • Submit a help ticket to report a student from prior years.
  • Important: Review the IEPs for each Special Education student prior to coding them a graduate (DOE012 = 04).


Update Student Enrollment Status and EPP

  • Go to the Functions and Transfer Out page and record the following information: exit date, first day of school, indicate 20 as the exit code, and the appropriate exit comment. Note: The exit code will be overwritten by the Enrollment Status selected on the EPP page.
  • Update the EPP and SIMS Enrollment Status on the EPP page.
  • If a student requires an EPP, click on the New button to create a new EPP or on the date of a current EPP to record any interventions or services provided.
  • If no EPP is required, update DOE012 Enrollment Status, Post Grad Plans, and Grad Date as needed. Click submit. These codes will be reported to the state in the SIMS submission.
  • Click the Historical Grades link to determine whether summer school credits/grades were updated.
  • Note: EPPs must be closed and principal approved before a student can be coded a graduate.
  • Students will appear on the Graduate Verification Report in the Data Warehouse the day after coding.











Graduate Verification Report

  • From the Data Warehouse, go to SPS Reports, click on Data Validation, and run the Graduation Verification Report.
  • Select the School Name, School Year, and set Summer/March Graduation Cert to “Yes”.
  • Submit the student list and the signed verification report in a Service Desk ticket with your school’s name and “Grad Verification Report” in the subject line.


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