Printer: How to Connect a Printer or Copier to your Staff Laptop

How to Connect a Printer or Copier to your Staff Laptop



The following documentation will show you the steps required to locate and install networked printers/copiers on your SPS staff laptop.


Step #1

Log into your staff laptop and click the Windows 10 start button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Continue by typing Run into the Search Windows field.

Within the search results, click the Run desktop app.


Step #2

Within the Run dialog window, type in the command path (listed below) required for your particular school type and click the OK button

Command Path
Elementary Schools (es) \\srv-esprt
Middle Schools (ms) \\srv-msprt
High Schools (hs) \\srv-hsprt
Central Office (co) \\srv-coprt


Step #3

A window will appear with a list of available printers/copiers.

Use your school’s three letter designation to locate the printer/copier you’re attempting to connect to. 

You might be required to scroll down the list for more printers.


The printer/copier name should be located on a white sticker on the front-side of the device! 
IE: DUG-004, BMS-CPY001


Step #4

After you locate the printer/copier you wish to connect to, double-click the device icon to begin downloading and installing the drivers to your staff laptop.


Step #5

The printer/copier will finish installing and a device dialog window will appear.

Your device is now installed!

If you need to install more printers or copiers, go back through the steps, otherwise you’re all set!

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