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Access to the Purchase New Hardware service to view, download, and request quotes IS LIMITED TO Principals, Assistant Principals, Principal Clerks, and Technology Coordinators.  If you are not a member of this group, please work with your school office to obtain a quote. 

If you are a Principal, Assistant Principal, or Principal Clerk, please make sure you are using the web browser EDGE AND ARE LOGGED INTO THE SERVICE DESK (your name should appear in the upper right corner). If you are not logged in, please close your browser, reopen EDGE AND LOG IN, the option will now appear.  Click  Open Ticket to submit your request.  Thank you.

Support for Cisco phones / extensions, requests for new phone / extension, voicemail, and Fax machines.

Support for the Company Portal application, Windows OS, Re-imaging, and the Image Stick Creator tool.

Information and support for data collection initiatives.

Access, Request a New Report, Request a Change to an Existing Report, and Report Issues.

Support for SPS staff laptops, desktops, tablets, interactive boards, projectors, iPads, and document cameras.

Support for MCAS

Support for Microsoft 365 (Office, Outlook, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive) applications.

Support for SPS and non-M365 applications.

Insufficient funds message, Login issues with employee ID, No light on card reader, and Print release issues.