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How students can message their teachers.
This article reviews how to set up the connection between your courses in Schoology and Study Sync, the McGraw Hill curriculum platform.
This article goes over some of the essential features of the Parent Schoology Account
You can send messages to Parents either individually or as a whole group. Check out the instructions here.
Parent accounts can elect to receive two email digests of their children's activities. This article covers how to manage those emails and what information they include.
Teachers will need to activate the resources first before their students can gain access.

Teachers will log into Schoology, and access the course where they want to use. They will click on the Scholastic Digital Manager App from within the course. This should take the teacher into Scholastic Digital Manager(SDM).
This article reviews how to create a parent account in Schoology after receiving an access code from the child's school or teacher.
A brief overview for Schools on the main uses of the Schoology Parent accounts
Parents only need a single access code to view all of their child’s Schoology activity and courses. Many schools find it best to streamline the distribution of access codes by having the homeroom teacher, or another individual in a similar role, distribute the codes to parents. Multiple parents and/or guardians can use the same access code to set up individual parent accounts.
This article aims to assist you in communicating with students using Schoology's messaging feature.
Troubleshooting Gradebook Issues
Our Scholastic Customer Service team will be happy to add users needing district and or/school administrator access to the Scholastic Digital Manager.
For teachers who are using Savvas here is a set of directions on how it works within Schoology.
From the gradebook cell for the assessment attempt in the course gradebook, you can complete a number of grading functions.
Click anywhere on a student’s submitted attempt to open it for grading. Add scores in the box next to student response.