Accounts & Email

Support for network accounts, email, passwords, restrict access, Get oversea access approval for a user, and requesting a new Technology Coordinator.

Services (7)

Guest Wi-Fi Access

Request access for a guest to connect to the SPSWIFI-GUEST Wi-Fi network.

PowerSchool, Schoology, and Unified Classroom Admin Support

Attendance, Data Quality, Discipline, Enrollment and Assignments, Fees, Grading, Parent Portal, Mailing Labels, Night School, Scheduling, Staff Name Change, Student School Assignments, Student Success Plans, Summer School, and Transcripts.

PowerTeacher, Schoology, and Unified Classroom Teacher Support

Calculating Final Grades, Co-Teacher Access, Entering Grades, Report Missing Classes, Report Missing Students, and Setting up Gradebook.

Restrict Student Access to Service(s)

This ticket form is for school administration to submit a request to suspend sending email and/or internet access for students.

SPS Account & Email Support

Support for network accounts, email, calendar, and passwords.

Technology Coordinator Request Form

This ticket form is for schools to submit a request(s) to appoint a staff member as the technology coordinator of their building.

Request Access to SPS Services Outside of the Country

Ticket form to request for a staff or student to be able to access the SPS services out of the United States and Puerto Rico.