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Rubrics can be used to grade course assignments and discussions by measuring performance for your students.

Rubrics may be added to the following course materials:

Assessments (subjective questions only)
Tests/Quizzes (Short Answer/Essay Question only)

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Pinned Article PowerTeacher Pro and Schoology Grade Passback Discrepancy Checklist

Troubleshooting Gradebook Issues

Grade Calculations in Schoology

A document on how grades are calculated in Schoology.

How do I Grade Aligned Materials?

If you've aligned course materials to learning objectives a rubric grading view will be automatically generated for that material. The rubric will be created based on the aligned objectives and cannot be shared or copied across other materials.

How School Admins Can See Student Grades

How Students Admins could find and see every students grades.

How to Bulk Edit – Grouping Student Work by Marking Period

The bulk edit feature allows teachers to place graded assignments, tests, quizzes, and discussions into a particular marking period such as Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Semester 1, and Year-Long.

How to Copy Grade Book Categories to Other Courses

You can copy these settings to other courses you administer using the Copy Settings button. To see the article on how to create gradebook categories click here

How to Create a Midterm and/or Final in Schoology

In Schoology, you may want to assign a midterm or final assessment and have it weighed against all the quarters in your gradebook. In this article, we will review how to correctly set up and weigh this type of assignment and ensure that it correctly syncs up with PowerTeacher Pro.

How to Reuse your Grade Setup and Import Rubrics

In this article you will learn how to reuse your grade setup and how to import rubrics for your new courses

How to Set Up Grade Book Categories in Schoology

Creating gradebook categories within Schoology is a necessary step prior to creating assignments. Schoology requires that assignments be housed in a category.

Mapping Gradebook Categories from Schoology to PowerTeacher Pro

After setting up your categories in PowerTeacher Pro and setting up matching categories in Schoology, there is one final step you have to take in Schoology to make the two gradebooks sync.

Syncing a Midterm or Final from Schoology to PowerTeacher Pro

When giving a Midterm or Final Assessment, you may want to have the assessment count for a certain percentage of the final grade. While both Schoology and PowerTeacher Pro have the capability to create a midterm or final in this way, the process is different from the usual syncing process. This guide reviews what you will need to know to create a midterm and/or final in both platforms while ensuring that the grades in each continue matching.

Viewing Unenrolled Students Grades

How do I view grades for a student no longer in my course?